River Model

January 19th, 2018
To help everyone learn the vocabulary to communicate their learning about rivers, the Hawks have been busy building a model. First they used papier-mache to create the model and then painted it. Everyone used their collaboration skills to succeed in the task and produce a fantastic model.

Painting the Model

River Model


January 19th, 2018

A team from the Hawks went to Deer Park School to compete in a gymnastics competition. They were all aspiring to do their best by thinking carefully about how to improve their performance. Running powerfully, the team used the springboard to leap onto the vault and jumped with confidence. During the floor routine, everyone took great care to perform with control and combine their movements with fluency. Well done Team!

Gym competition


January 5th, 2018

The Hawks took part in a gymnastic competition at SWR against other local schools. They were able to apply a floor routine and a vault they had been learning in PE. It was really pleasing to see everyone having a go and doing their best. They also enjoyed the opportunity to do some team balances and learn to use the beam with the help of SWR’s fantastic Sports Leaders.

After all of their fantastic efforts one team finished second and one team finished first! A full gallery of pictures is available on the school website.

Floor Routine

Learning the beam

Team balances

Ollie’s Match Report

December 11th, 2017

Ollie wrote a report on the Year 3/4 football matches. Well done Ollie!

Year 3&4 Football Competition Thursday 23rd November 2017

The School Games football competition was held between the following six teams; AVENING, ST LAWRENCE, CIRENCESTER, KEMPSFORD, COLD ASTON & STOW.  The competition was hosted in Cirencester.

Avening`s first match was against Kempsford, Archie scored an amazing goal, shortly after Harry D scored again – 2-0 to Avening thanks to some awesome saves from Tom.

The next match was against Cirencester which Avening also won 2-0 after both Isaac & Archie scored brilliant goals.

After a short interval Avening played St Lawernce which Avening lost 2-1 despite another great goal by Archie.

Avening`s penultimate match was against Stow, Isaac scored first then Stow slipped a goal passed Tom.  Shortly before full time Harry D scored yet another amazing goal and Avening finished victors 2-1.

Avening`s final match ended in an uneventful 0-0 draw.

St Lawrence won the competition and Avening came third on goal difference.


Visit to FGR

November 29th, 2017

The Hawks have been on a great trip to FGR. They had the chance to apply their cooking skills by making delicious sweet potato burgers. After feasting on their hard work, they had an informative tour of a unique football stadium. Later they met Keanu Marsh-Brown and found out what life is like for a professional football player. Throw in the chance for learning some new football skills, and you can see why everyone had such a good day! Visit the school website for a full gallery of pictures.

Stadium Tour

Keanu Marsh-Brown

Vegan Cooking


Happiness Week

November 17th, 2017
This week everyone at school has been learning skills for keeping themselves safe from bullying and how to look after their mental health. During the week they have taken part in yoga, samba drumming and role play on how to deal with different situations. They have also created a happiness pebble for display around the school.

Learning about equality

Role-playing dealing with bullying.


Football Tournament

November 3rd, 2017

Two teams of Hawks travelled to Cirencester Arena to represent the school in a football tournament against other local primaries. There was a huge amount of determination on display and it was really pleasing to see everyone demonstrating excellent levels of respect to the other team whatever the result. After all of the games, there were some successful results as well as lots on things to work on in training. One of the teams also managed to finish second overall which was a fantastic effort. Well done everyone!

Year 3/4 football teams

Healthy Meal

October 20th, 2017

The Hawks have been learning how to cook a healthy meal as part of their topic of ‘Feeling Fit’. They learnt about a healthy diet and then helped design a meal that would be part of a balanced diet. While they were making the meal, they learnt knife skills and how to work hygienically. When the meal of chicken couscous, followed by mango and banana muffins, was ready, everyone really enjoyed tasting the result of their hard work. They have taken their recipes home and will be able to prepare a delicious meal for their families as well! A full gallery of pictures is available on the school website.

Baking Skills

Cooking Skills

Cutting Skills


South Cerney

October 2nd, 2017

As part of their topic, ‘Feeling Fit’, the Hawks were lucky to be invited to South Cerney to take part in some water sports. It was a really enjoyable day with new skills being learnt in sailing, kayaking and canoeing. An important taster session for sports that they can continue to enjoy as they get older.

New Sailing Skills


Water Sports are Fun!


October 1st, 2017
The Hawks have been learning about the functions of different types of teeth and were wondering how toothpaste worked. They have been making their own toothpaste and testing how well it worked compared to toothpaste they could buy at the shops.

Brushing ‘teeth’

Clean ‘teeth’

Cleaning ‘teeth’

Making toothpaste!

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