The Digestive System

September 18th, 2017

The Hawks have been learning about the digestive system. They collaborated to take Mr Wilkinson’s breakfast through the digestive system. Everyone really enjoyed finding out about each stage of the process and there were some particularly gooey results!!

From the mouth to the oesophagus.

From the oesophagus to the stomach.

Learning about digestion.

First Aid

September 13th, 2017
To begin the topic of ‘Feeling Fit!’ the Hawks have been learning how to look after each other. St John’s Ambulance visited the school to teach everyone how to react if they found someone who was unwell and some aspects of first aid they could administer. It was a fantastic beginning to term and helped everyone think more about their bodies.

Tour de Avening

July 3rd, 2017

To celebrate the start of the Tour de France the Hawks wanted to take part in their own cycling challenge. They brought their bikes to school and Mr Jennings kindly came in to share his expertise. They learnt about the checks they need to do before they go for a ride and some important safety information. Then they completed challenges to test their ability to control their bike. Importantly, they also had lots of fun!

Fun on the bikes!

Tour de Avening

Ready to go!

Plant Puzzles!

June 13th, 2017

To help the Hawks learn to identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants they were given a puzzle. They had four plants in pieces and then had to put them back together again. Some super collaboration skills helped everyone put together their plant. They were able to examine similarities and differences between the plants and recognise the functions of the different parts.

Building a Plant!

Plant Puzzle!

Puzzling Plants!

Cheltenham Science Festival

June 7th, 2017
The Hawks enjoyed their inspiring trip to Cheltenham Science Festival. Everyone got to experience some fantastic exhibits and learnt such a lot. A brilliant talk about body part was entertaining and informative. We even saw Evie’s winning entry to the inventor competition! A full gallery of pictures are on the school website.

Science in Action!

Teamwork in Science!

Lots of activities!


May 26th, 2017
The Hawks have been learning how to write biographies including possessive apostrophes and embedded clauses. They decided to follow our cycling theme and write them about Jason and Laura Kenny. Below are some examples.

Laura Kenny-A Biography

Laura Trott was born on the 24th of April 1992 in Harrow, Essex. She got married to Jason Kenny, and is now having a lifelong dream with her family! Laura has also been a junior champion winning many World Cups!

How it all started

Laura had a bad start in life; she was born with a collapsed lung later leading to asthma. She first enjoyed the trampoline as a child, but an unknown disease put the end to that. The mystery illness would make Laura faint while she was on the trampoline.

Laura then started to cycle with her family to help her mum lose weight. That’s when her dream began. As a child Laura went to Turnford School where she did athletics.

Adult hood

Laura took part in the London Olympics 2012, where she won many gold medals. In 2012 Laura also met Jason Kenny a fellow cyclist. 6 times, over 2 Olympic Games she has set world records in the Women’s’ Track Race. She also went to the Rio Olympics and she has won a total of 4 gold medals.


Laura Trott got Married to Jason Kenny in a private ceremony on the 24th of September 2016. Mr and Mrs Kenny announced there first baby in February. Laura also loves her 2 dogs which are a springer spaniel and a poodle cross; their names are Sproto and Pringle.

Laura has a brave soul and a kind heart which helped her reach her dreams, but will she stay to look after the baby and her dogs or go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

By Lucy

Jason Kenny

Jason Kenny was born in Bolton on the 23rd April 1988. He is a world famous cyclist and has won many gold medals. His cycling dreams all started when he ‘stole’ his brother’s bike!
In Bolton, Jason grew up with his parents and his brother Craig. At the age of three, he ‘stole’ his brother’s bike and taught himself to ride (eventually he gave the bike back!) as soon as that happened he was struck by his future!

Jason went to Mount St. Joseph’s school. This is where he first figured out how fun team sports were, liking football, cricket and tennis. Another of Jason’s hobbies was playing the guitar.

Jason won the team sprint in the 2005 junior championships for team GB and went to the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics winning 6 gold medals and 1 silver.

In his youth, he was so good he qualified for London 2012 where he won 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 0 bronze! Straight afterwards he began dating Laura Trott, a fellow team GB cyclist. Jason was so determined he went to Rio 2016 winning 4 more gold, 0 silver and 0 bronze.

Whilst busy cycling for team GB, Jason married Laura Trott (a fellow team GB cyclist!) on the 24th September 2016 and announced they’ll be having a baby on the 14th February 2017.

Jason’s life will be more joyful with a first baby but will we see him at Tokyo 2020? Will he wear gold? We’ll have to find out!

By Archie Hatt

Jason Kenny-A Biography

Jason Kenny was born in March the 23rd 1988 in Bolton. He is a world famous cyclist who has won many Olympic gold medals. It all started with him stealing his brother’s bike, wanting to have a go!

Jason grew up with his parents, and his big brother Craig, in Bolton. When he was little, at the age of three, he stole his brothers bike. As soon as he learnt to ride he knew that was the next stage!

He went to Mount St Joseph’s School, a Catholic Secondary, where he played, football, cricket, keyboard and guitar, liking them all!

Jason won his first medal at the age of seventeen and then went forward onto the 2012 London Olympics. When he was in the Olympics he won three medals, two of them were gold and one silver and then went on to dating Laura Trott.

Laura Trott is a girl who is in the British cycling team they both like the same things. Jason Kenny married Laura Trott on the 24th September 2016 and are now due to be having a baby! They will still love cycling and hopefully Laura and Jason’s baby will love it too.

Will we see Jason wearing gold in Tokyo 2020?

By Layla

Jason Kenny a Biography

On the 23rd March 1988, in Bolton, Jason Kenny was born.  He is a world famous cyclist who also won many gold medals.  When Jason was three he ‘stole’ a bike from his brother and learned to ride.

Jason grew up in Bolton with his parents and his older brother Craig.  At only the age of three, Jason ‘stole’ a bike from his older brother and taught himself to ride.  It must have been tough because it was a bigger bike. From then on he knew it was the thing for him.

Jason Kenny attended Mount St Joseph’s School a Catholic secondary.  There he loved cricket, tennis, football and of course cycling!  He was mad with sport!

In 2005 Jason won the team sprint in the Junior Championships.  Because of his young success, he was chosen for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  In the London Olympics Jason Kenny won 2 gold medals.

He went on to the Rio Olympic Games because of his great determination.  So he went on to win another 4 gold medals!

He has now married Laura Trott.  Jason has announced his first baby is on the way.  Will we see Jason in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020?

By Ned

Jason Kenny a Biography

Jason Kenny was born on the 23rd of March 1988 in Bolton. He is a world champion cyclist who has won multiple gold medals. It all started with an act of crime…
Jason grew up with his mother, father and elder brother, Craig, in Bolton where he started to show his cycling talent , at only age three he stole his brothers bike and taught himself to ride. Suddenly he knew his future, it came to him immediately, he wanted to spend his life cycling.

Jason Kenny went to Mount St Josephs School, a Roman Catholic secondary, where he was a keen sportsman, playing; cricket, tennis and football. He was also an excellent musician playing the keyboard and guitar.

Jason carried on to win the London Olympics and at Rio 2016 in the team sprint and the Kierin. He also won 6 Olympic gold medals. He is determined and never gives up which led him to be one of the best Olympians in the world!

He married Laura Trott, a fellow GB cyclist, on the 24th September 2016. They announced they will have a baby on the 14th February 2017 witch will come in the same year. Will his career cope with him being a father? Will we see him at Tokyo wearing gold in 2020?

By Daniel

Jason  Kenny

Jason Kenny was born on the 23rd of March in Bolton 1988. Jason is famous for his excellent cycling. He has won many gold medals. He started his cycling future when he stole his brother, Craig’s, bike and taught himself to ride at 3.

Jason went to school at Mount Saint Joseph’s school. A catholic secondary school . He still was carrying on cycling. He was very sporty enjoying cricket football and tennis. Jason also liked playing music on the keyboard and guitar.

Jason started to get the hang of cycling and was wanting to race against other famous cyclists. He manged to get the courage to ask his mum and dad. They took Jason to London Olympics training where he got noticed by the British team.

In 2012 Jason won the team sprint and started dating Laura Trott, also a famous GB cyclist . They have now got married and have announced a baby on 14th February 2017. But will we be seeing Jason wearing gold in Tokyo 2020? Will he cope as a father and cyclist?

By Olivia

Jason Kenny

Jason was born on the 23of March 1988 and he has 6 gold’s. He is a world famous cyclist and cycles for team GB.


Jason Kenny was born in Bolton with his parents and his big brother, Craig. When he was 3 he “stole” his brother’s bike, then he learnt how to ride and then he knew his future.


Jason went to Mount St. Josephs School, England, a Catholic secondary were he loved sport. He was a keen goal keeper and played for the school team. He also enjoyed tennis and cricket he also plays the guitar and piano in his spare time.


Jason got his first world title in 2005 when he was 17 years old and he also won in the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics. He has won a total of 6 gold medals! In a few years is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will he win gold?

By Ollie H

Quadkids Finals

May 24th, 2017

A team from the Hawks took part in the Quadkids Finals at Kingshill School. Everyone performed with excellent levels of enthusiasm and collaboration knowing that every result would add more points to the team score. They were also representing the rest of the class as well as the whole school as they were the team who had qualified from the previous event. The whole team should be very proud of their efforts! A huge thank you to Mrs Brown from SWR for giving up her time to take them and Mrs Amos for helping.

Quadkids Team

Long Jump


May 2nd, 2017

The Hawks all took part in a fabulous Quadkids event at SWR School which involved a 400m race, a 50m race, a howler throw and a standing long jump. Two teams of athletes took part and the rest of the class took the important roles of organisers and media team. Everyone had a really enjoyable afternoon and the whole event was really well organised by Mrs Brown and her team of Sports Leaders. Keep a look out for Lily’s full report!


Long Jump

400m Race

Some of the Media Team

Chance to Shine Cricket

April 28th, 2017

The Hawks have enjoyed their first session of cricket skills this year. They are very lucky to have excellent coaching from the ‘Chance to Shine’ scheme.

Batting Skills

Cricket Skills

Judo Taster

April 4th, 2017

The Hawks were very lucky to take part in a judo taster session at school. Mr Maidment, who teaches judo, generously offered a day of his time to give every class a chance to experience a new sport. He taught the children some of the history, vocabulary, basic skills and respect involved and everyone really enjoyed having a go. There were lots of games for everyone to play and Mr Maidment and Soni performed some demonstrations of the more advanced skills to the amazement of all the spectators. It was a very informative and enjoyable session the children now have a much better understanding of judo and recognise whether it is a sport that may become part of their healthy life in the future. A full gallery of pictures are on the school website.

Judo Lesson

Judo Demonstration!

Judo Holds!

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